Realisation of Sustainable Systems

Traditional cultivation and processing of fibre hemp has practically disappeared from industrialised countries. Where hemp and other fibre crops are grown in Europe the crop areas are small, even though the industries targeted are themselves large: paper pulp, animal bedding, building materials, oilseeds.

To re-launch hemp cultivation and other fibre crops Gruppo Fibranova studies sustainable production systems whose design involves primary producers in the processing of the raw material. Gruppo Fibranova has also modified techniques of harvesting, hackling and industrial retting of fibres for modern production systems that respect the environment.

Production and Commercialisation of Seeds
  Nowadays it is difficult for farmers to find a genotype suited to specific growing conditions or end use of the plant. In response to this Gruppo Fibranova is engaged in the multiplication and commercialisation of seeds from National and International sources in order to guarantee safe supplies of seeds improved for specific growing conditions and end-uses of the plant (textile fibres, paper pulp, oilseed for food and non-food use).
Hemp Cultivation in the context of Modern Agriculture
  Hemp crop disappeared from Italian crop rotation schemes many years ago, so its reintroduction must follow the principles of modern agriculture. The agro-techniques employed must be adapted according to on-farm and environmental conditions, and they must be assessed in the context of whole production chain, particularly the end product application of the hemp fibres. Growing techniques also must be adapted as some quality characteristics of the raw material can already be optimised during this early phase of the production chain.
Gruppo Fibranova will support farmers in selecting a suitable variety for their on-farm conditions and will offer qualified technical assistance throughout the growing season.

To grow hemp and produce natural fibres is a profitable investment for all.
  Individual farm holders and farmers associations have expressed strong interest in hemp cultivation, despite current difficulties in finding a market outlet that offers a suitable price for the raw material. In response, Gruppo Fibranova has analysed the links between actors in the production chain and elaborated economical plans, making them diverse and flexible, thus suitable for any productive typology.
Gruppo Fibranova promotes relations between farmers and industry so as to provide everyone with the opportunity to benefit from investments in the hemp production chain.
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