Textile Sector
  Traditionally the extraction of the precious long fibres from hemp stems was carried out directly on-farm. However, those processes are labour intensive and too costly for inclusion in modern agricultural systems. Gruppo Fibranova will implement modern processing plants for treating raw materials. We will also consider performing primary processing (hackling) on-farm in order to give added value to the farmers.
The key activity of Gruppo Fibranova is de-gumming of the bast fibres separated from core during hackling to obtain superior quality fibres. Technologies used in this process have been studied to minimise environmental impact and offer organic textile fibres.
Other Activities
  Among all the potential commercial destinations of hemp fibre the textile industry offers the best guarantees for stimulating hemp cultivation, and consequently the development of supportive production chain. Gruppo Fibranova also promotes other hemp fibre applications, e.g. paper pulp, building materials, bio-composites and panels.
Modern industrial systems for utilising hemp as a raw material do exist, yet Gruppo Fibranova will continue to study these systems and find advanced solutions to keep them sustainable and efficient.
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