Gruppo Fibranova was founded on the experiences of entrepreneurs, scientists and academic researchers.
The new centre for applied research on industrial hemp will be the reference point for all the activity of the Group. Innovative technologies and patents will be developed and made available to farmers and industries.

Our Mission

To develop sustainable production methods and technologies for rebuilding the entire hemp production chain, from the farm through to end product. Gruppo Fibranova represents the missing link between the end points of this chain.
We aim to offer farmers a sustainable choice and the industry, a viable alternative to using polluting raw materials from non-renewable sources. Overall this will allow production of ecological and biodegradable end products (fabrics, plastics, paper, composites, insulating material etc).

Our Vision
To do business together with Nature

We put much attention in choosing the technology for transforming the raw materials into fibres: Preference always goes to machinery and equipment that do not emit harmful gasses into the environment. Possibilities to use waste products further along in the production chain are explored.
We believe that natural fibres will provide a large contribution to human and environmental health.

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